About StrawNet Product

For years straw has been used to help maintain soil moisture during germination. And for years straw being blown away or washed out leaving areas of soil exposed has been a problem.

Those days are over with the introduction of StrawNet, the Pelletized Straw Mulch. It's simple.

Compressed straw fibers are formed into easily applied pellets that weigh more than conventional straw so they can't be blown around. Add water and the pellets swell and rupture forming a thin but dense ground cover.

Special binding agents have been added during production to help the straw fibers net together with themselves and the soil creating a moisture trapping layer of straw fiber.

Our Philosophy

HydroStraw, LLC is a customer oriented erosion control product company, providing the latest in innovative erosion control technologies. Our goal is to produce quality erosion control products while providing superior service and customer satisfaction. We constantly strive to offer the best possible solution for your erosion control needs.

We are small enough to provide service far better than that of the corporate giants, yet at the same time we offer the wide base of knowledge, products and expertise that our customers require.

About The Company

HydroStraw, LLC is dedicated to helping its customers use our cutting edge erosion control products technologies, services and technical expertise to meet their individual erosion control needs in a cost-effective manner.

HydroStraw, LLC provides comprehensive recommendations on product selection, application rates and specifications for our customer's projects. Our full-service, value-added approach insures that our customers receive a solution that conforms to their specific needs and requirements for each and every project.

However, our services don't stop there. We also offer hands-on demonstrations and training seminars to ensure that you and your staff know how to make effective use of our products through our strong distributor network throughout the country.

The best way to ensure you are at the leading edge with innovative erosion control solutions is to plan ahead and partner up with HydroStraw, LLC. Let us help make you more effective in your market with products that provide uncompromised results and a cost effective method to do more work in less time.

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